20mph-CookCaddy02016-0316You can find it at http://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/info/200435/consultation/2100/borough-wide_20mph_speed_limit

The consultation is on-line. It is very easy to indicate your Yes or No preference and will take only a minute or so.

In responding to the question about whether you also want 20mph on all or some of the 38 Main Traffic (A and B) roads, the questionnaire gives you a list and a map of these roads. Garratt Lane in Tooting and Northcote Road in Battersea are two examples. These roads are also where people live. In addition, they usually have shops and other local facilities. This means that there are far greater numbers of people on foot or bicycle on these socalled Main Roads than purely residential streets. There is a strong Road Safety case for most of them also to have a 20mph speed limit.

If you wish to respond in writing, phone the Council Officer responsible, Mr Isaac Kwakye, on 020 8871 6538 or write to him at Engineering and Highways, Frogmore Complex, Dormay Street, SW18 1EY. He will send you a printed Borough-wide 20mph Speed Limit Consultation response form which you can fill in and post back.

Closing date: The Council did not set a closing date when the Consultation went on its website. It is likely to be mid-May 2016.