How street design affects health

HEALTH + STREET DESIGN by Wandsworth Living Streets Author: Ian Ralph   The design of our streets and spaces affects how we use them, how we perceive them and act beyond simply moving from A to B. The influence on physical, mental and social health is not solely down to injuries sustained from accidents, but … Continue reading How street design affects health

Slower Speeds and Liveable Town Centres in London

Author: Robert Molteno, Secretary Presentation to Wandsworth Living Streets by Jeremy Leach (Southwark Living Streets), 19 January 2011 Note: The following is a brief summary of the main parts of Jeremy’s two-part presentation into 2 parts by Robert Molteno (secretary, WLS). You can download the full presentation HERE (Jeremy Leach, 2011 -- pdf + notes) … Continue reading Slower Speeds and Liveable Town Centres in London