Wandsworth: a Borough fit for walking

Wandsworth Living Streets - calls to candidates for 5th May election We are pleased to present our 'top 6' areas for action for all Wandsworth Council candidates to commit to doing if elected on 5th May 2022.  The list is not meant to be comprehensive but rather to help focus everyone's minds on practical measures which … Continue reading Wandsworth: a Borough fit for walking

ROBERT MOLTENO & our Waltham Forest Mini-Holland tours

Many visitors to this website will know that our dear friend and campaigner for better streets across Wandsworth and London, Robert Molteno, died suddenly on 31 January 2022.  As co-founder of Wandsworth Living Streets, Robert proved a determined, effective and charming campaigner for liveable streets, especially for people on foot.  We were fortunate to have … Continue reading ROBERT MOLTENO & our Waltham Forest Mini-Holland tours


How we’ve designed car-centric streets without even noticing   --- Article originally submitted to the Wandsworth Society Newsletter --- Many Wandsworth Society members will be familiar with the streets around our meeting place, West Side Church, at the junctions of Allfarthing Lane, Heathfield Road and Melody Road.   The locality is a good example of how … Continue reading ‘THE FISH DOESN’T SEE THE WATER’