Welcome to Wandsworth Living Streets website. We are the local  group in the Borough of Wandsworth of the national charity, Living Streets, which campaigns to create better streets and public spaces for people on foot. We aim to achieve safe, attractive and enjoyable streets across our borough.

Wandsworth Living Streets held our first meeting in November 2010. Some 40 people attended, including two local Councillors (one Conservative and one Labour), and a Council officer.  Our second meeting took place in January 2011. We intend to hold public meetings every two or three months, with campaigning events and meetings of working groups on particular issues in between. We continue to campaign on a number of issues relevant to pedestrians. Go to the Campaigns section of this website to find out more them.

To find out more about us, do have a look around our website. We hope very much that you will want to join one of our campaigns, or suggest additional things we could do. Please then get in touch with us. And if there are any places in the borough that you think need improving for people on foot, please contact us or come along to a meeting.

Committee Members

  • Chair: Susie Morrow
  • Secretary: Formerly Robert Molteno (obituary here). Vacancy: please let us know if you are interested
  • Treasurer: Alan Fennell
  • Urban Design/vice Chair: David Irwin
  • Town Centres: Rachel Toms
  • Website: Terence Brown
  • Transport Health Issues: Ruth Pates, Emily Humphrey
  • James Grant, Andrew Macmillan, Camilla Ween

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