Putting the Heart into Battersea: a presentation by Camilla Ween

On Thursday, November 1, members of the Wandsworth Living Streets committee were treated to a presentation by Camilla Ween of her proposal entitled “Putting the Heart into Battersea”. The proposal aims to put Battersea on the map by creating a vital heart to Battersea that the community can be proud of and that is based on memorable high quality people-orientated urban spaces. The project focuses on the axis of streets running north-south that continuously link through from Northcote  Library Place in the south to Battersea Square and St Mary’s Church in the north. WebPage-2The proposal includes a continuity of high quality street design with a pedestrian and cycling focus. It includes a green infrastructure provided by native species trees from end to end and consistent lighting, paving and street furniture. Opportunities along the route are taken to create enjoyable urban spaces that add spatial richness to the basically linear composition.  A selection of the descriptive presentation pages is included here and you can open a PDF file of the whole document here: Battersea Proposal