The next Wandsworth Living Streets meeting, Tuesday, 28 November, 7.30pm

Transforming our Borough’s Streets – Next Steps

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Proposals for a Pocket Park, a Side Road, a Main Road

An illustrated talk by David Irwin

David Irwin is an urban planner. He has long been active in the Putney Society and Wandsworth Living Streets. He lives locally, but has worked in many different parts of the world. In recent years, he has developed detailed proposals for transforming Putney High Street (this is now going to have a major makeover), having a new pocket park in Esmond Street, and how to humanize and ‘green’ a side street like Werter Road.

Venue: The Alma Pub (Upstairs room) — Address: 499 Old York Road, SW18 1TF

 How to get there: Opposite Wandsworth Town Station. Also on Nos. 28 and 44 bus routes. Nearest Santander Cycle Hire docking station is in Podmore Road (right by the Alma Pub)

David will present his ideas with visuals showing what these transformations could look like. To be followed by a Q & A.

We will then break into groups and discuss any ideas we may have for transforming one or two particular streets in each local part of the Borough.

Please bring a friend. We need to spread the word about these issues.

We are now resuming our programme of public meetings. Fifty (50) of you played a wonderfully active part in our campaign in April last year to make 20mph the speed limit on (almost!) all our borough residential streets. It was a magnificent effort. Since then, individual Wandsworth Living Streets supporters have taken part in Community Roadwatch events with the Police to enforce the new 20mph speed limit.

We have also been busy responding to consultations on transport-related matters, interacting with Wandsworth Officers and Councillors, and producing proposals to transform particular streets. All this in the interests of making more liveable neighbourhoods and encouraging a shift towards more walking, cycling and use of public transport.

 Robert Molteno

Secretary, Wandsworth Living Streets