Wandsworth Council makes its decision!

20mph will henceforth be the Speed Limit on all local Residential Streets

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Newsflash to Wandsworth Living Streets Supporters:

On Tuesday evening 5 July, Wandsworth Council’s Community Services Committee reached a unanimous decision. The majority Conservative Party Councillors and opposition Labour Party Councillors decided that all local residential streets throughout our borough will henceforth have a speed limit of 20mph.

This decision follows the results of the Council’s borough-wide consultation. 3,382 residents responded to the on-line consultation. 59% of them wanted 20mph on all local residential streets; 40% of respondents did not. This represented a 3 to2 majority in favour.

Responses came in from all over the borough.

When will the 20mph speed limit take effect?

The money – £725,000 – to install the necessary 20mph signage, paint 20mph roundels on the carriageway etc is already available in the Council’s Local Implementation Plan (LIP) for this year, 2016-17. Plans to roll out the new 20mph speed limit across the whole borough still have to be finalised. But we can look forward to its full implementation roundabout Spring next year.

Will there be any exceptions to the new 20mph speed limit? Yes!

There are two kinds of bigger roads in the borough which Wandsworth Council manages. They are called A and B roads. There are 38 of them. Here is a list so that you can see if you live on one of them:

A Roads: Albert Bridge Road, Buckhold Road, Falcon Road, Garratt Lane, Lavender Hill, Merton Road, Mitcham Lane, Mitcham Road, Putney Bridge Road, Putney High Street, Putney Hill, Queens Circus, Queenstown Road, St John’s Hill, Tibbet’s Ride, Wandsworth Bridge Road, Wimbledon Parkside.

B Roads: Bedford Hill, Bellevue Road, Bolingbroke Grove, Broomwood Road, Burntwood Lane, Church Lane, Earsfield Road, Lombard Road, Lower Richmond Road, Nightingale Road, Northcote Road, Parkgate Road, Queen’s Ride (part), Rectory Lane, St James Drive, Silverthorne Road, Spencer Park, Summerstown, Vicarage Crescent, Westbridge Road, Windmill Road.

In the consultation, the Council only proposed that all ‘minor’ residential roads should go 20mph. But it did ask residents whether they wanted some or all of the A and B roads also to be considered for a 20mph speed limit. 36% of respondents did want this; 64% did not. These 38 A and B roads will remain 30mph.

Red Routes managed by Transport for London fall outside Wandsworth Council’s authority. These Red Routes also will remain 30mph (or in some cases 40mph)

The part played by volunteers from Wandsworth Living Streets & others

We must thank the 50 or so volunteers from Wandsworth Living Streets who gave up their time to visit some 60 primary schools in all parts of the borough. They handed out leaflets explaining the Consultation and why a 20mph speed limit would benefit everyone in the community. They talked to as many parents as possible. The Wandsworth Guardian ran an article with lovely photos of what WLS volunteers were doing. We are also grateful to the Putney Society, Wandsworth Society, Battersea Society and other local organizations for what they did to alert their members to the Consultation.

It was a wonderful community effort. And our efforts have been crowned with success.

What 20mph will mean for the transformation of our streets

he Council’s decision is a historic step in transforming our streets into public space that will be safer, quieter, and more attractive. It recognises that there is a diversity of people who make use of our streets –local shoppers on foot, pedestrians accessing public transport (buses and trains), cyclists, people wanting to use local markets, cafes, bars etc, and even children playing on quiet residential streets (the Play Streets idea from Bristol that is taking off around the country).

Where do we go from here? – Wandsworth Living Streets’ suggestions

It is not enough just to change the speed limit. Drivers have to change their behaviour and see the sensibleness of driving at a lower speed on local roads. Enforcement is one thing that needs to be done (more about a new programme called Community RoadWatch in the next Newsflash.)

Wandsworth Living Streets is also urging the Council to do three things:

1   Engage with the community re the new 20mph speed limit: We are suggesting that the Council spend some of its 20mph LIP funds to spread the word over a period of time in the community about why a lower speed limit is beneficial for everyone and that the 20mph limit will be enforced like any other speed limit

2   Investigate promptly which sections of A and B Borough roads also need a lower 20mph speed limit: Many residents live on these 38 roads. They are also where our local shops are mostly situated. In addition, 17 of our schools are located on them. These A and B roads account for nearly half of all people Killed or Seriously Injured in traffic collisions during the period, 2011-2014.

3   Press Transport for London (TfL) to take effective action on its Red Routes: These roads run through all five of our local Town Centres. Another 14 of our schools are situated on them. Collisions on these Red Routes account for the other half of people Killed or Seriously Injured on our roads in the Borough. TfL is now considering a lower 20mph speed limit on some Red Routes. This is a real opportunity for Wandsworth to recommend where TfL should do this in our borough.

Robert Molteno                                                                                                                            (Secretary, Wandsworth Living Streets)

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