Newsflash: Please respond to the Council’s Consultation on 20mph Speed Limit

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Please respond to the the Council’s Boroughwide Consultation on 20mph Speed Limit on all local Residential Streets 

The Council’s consultation on a 20mph speed limit on all residential streets in our borough is going on right now on the Council’s website. You can give your views on-line by going to:



It is very easy to indicate your Yes or No preference and will take only a minute or two.

If you have not yet responded, please do so right away!

Do you know any friend or neighbour who cannot respond on-line ?  Phone the Council on 020 8871 6000 and ask for Mr Isaac Kwakye. Or write to him at Engineering and Highways, Frogmore Complex, Dormay Street, SW18 1EY. This Officer will send you a printed Borough-wide 20mph Speed Limit Consultation response form which you can give to anyone to fill in and post back to the Council.

 It is important to respond even if your street or local area is already 20mph

 Out of all 20 wards in our borough, only four of them — Bedford, Furzedown, Thamesfield, and  West Putney — have all local residential roads now 20mph. In addition, there are significant chunks of four other wards — Graveney, Nightingale, Southfields and Wandsworth Common — that are already, or scheduled to go, 20mph. All the rest of the borough only has a limited number of individual streets that are 20mph.  Less than a third of our streets are already 20mph.

This consultation is about changing the speed limit on our residential streets in all parts of the borough. It is a decision therefore that we as a community across the whole of Wandsworth need to take. 

Check out the 20 mph Campaign tab in the menu above to see why a 20mph speed limit on all our local residential roads is good for everyone, including drivers and their families.

 For full details of the Consultation & how to respond Click Here

It also has lots more information in the section, Frequently Asked Questions.

One big worry many people have: Will a 20mph speed limit be enforced and respected by drivers?

 Many people who support 20mph in principle are deeply sceptical whether there is much point in having it because they feel the new speed limit is not going to be effectively enforced.  Quite right.  Introducing a legal 20mph speed limit is only the first step.  But up and down the country, introducing 20mph is being followed by a series of measures to shift public attitudes generally, and driver behaviour in particular.  Here are some of the things being done:

The Metropolitan Police – education of the public and enforcement: The Met has made clear that, subject to available resources, it will enforce a 20mph speed limit just as they do the 30mph limit. In Islington, for example, they began with driver education, and then moved on to enforcement. In the City of London last year, the Police stopped 1,226 HGV (heavy lorry) drivers, issued 550 Fixed Penalty Notices and £56,550 of fines were imposed. In addition, 749 car drivers were stopped. Those travelling between 21mph and 24mph were ticked off and offered a speed awareness course. If they were travelling faster, they got Fixed Penalty Notices or summons.

Community engagement by the Council: In Edinburgh, with a population only a third bigger than Wandsworth’s, the Council has allocated 10% of its 20mph programme to building community support. It has developed a toolkit of ideas, including a 20mph roadshow and brainstorming with schools’ Junior Road Safety Officers about ideas for promoting respect for the new 20mph speed limit. Wandsworth Council will need to engage in comparable actions as it already does with recycling, litter dropping and other issues.

Community Roadwatch: This new programme is being introduced in all parts of London in April this year (2016). It allows residents to work with the police. Residents get training in using hand-held speed detection devices and warning letters can be issued as appropriate. If people are worried that the 20mph speed limit is being widely disregarded on a particular road or area, they can contact the Wandsworth Safer Transport Team by phone (020 8247 8688) or email.

The law-abiding behaviour of the majority of drivers who conform to the 20mph speed limit: Because residential roads are rarely wide enough for speeding drivers to overtake, the behaviour of conscientious drivers will be a significant source of enforcement. And just as smokers now accept that it is irresponsible to smoke in pubs and other facilities, most drivers will come to recognise the benefits that slower speeds will bring to residential streets.

A 20mph speed limit is only a first step, yes. But we can’t move towards getting it respected by drivers in practice until that first step of introducing it is taken.

Our Leaflets about this 20mph Consultation are now available

 We want to hand them out to as many people as we can.

You may also want to give them to some of your friends and neighbours.

Please let Robert know how many leaflets you would like and whether you can spare some time to join us in giving out leaflets at schools and other venues. Text him on 079 73 164 203, or phone him on 020 7223 0408, or email him at

Robert Molteno

(Secretary, Wandsworth Living Streets)