Public Meeting Monday, 28 September 2015 at 7:30pm

 Bruce McVean

 Is Transport for London (TfL) now taking Pedestrians and Walking seriously?

Bruce McVean was the moving spirit behind Movement for Liveable London. It organized talks where transport planners with advanced ideas discussed how to transform our city into a more liveable environment for everyone living and working there. Recently, TfL recruited him to lead the creation of a London-wide Pedestrian Strategy.

He will speak on the new thinking that is being developed within Transport for London. It will be a wonderful opportunity to engage him informally in conversation, including putting questions and suggestions to him.

  • What a walking-friendly London could be like.
  • What Transport for London is already doing to take Pedestrian needs more seriously. For example, the Tooting & Peckham Pedestrian Town Centre Pilot Projects; wider rolling out of Legible London signage for people on footmore people-oriented crossings using new Pedestrian SCOOT technology.
  • TLRN Roads that TfL is responsible for: the problems of Speed, Collisions and mounting pedestrian injuries on these roads.
  • Measures to reduce the useof private vehicles for short trips: This is central to improving air quality, reducing noise, cutting traffic congestion, and re-balancing London’s roads in the interests of all users.
  • Other concerns people on foot have: Cyclists who cycle illegally on pavements; locations where cycle routes are routed onto on pavements; bus stops lacking time-of-arrival indicators etc, etc.


Do bring a friend. We need to expand residents’ awareness of these issues.


Venue:  The Alma Pub

Upstairs function room

Address: 499 Old York Road, SW18 1TF

How to get there: Opposite Wandsworth Town Station; and on Nos. 28 and 44 bus routes; and nearest Barclays Cycle Hire docking station is Podmore Road (right by the Alma Pub)

Streetmap at: