Our ideas for use of Wandsworth Local Fund

We’ve submitted suggested ways of using the Wandsworth Local Fund, in response to the Council’s invitation for ideas.  Many of our suggestions are low-cost, and could be implemented quickly and relatively easily.

Small, people-friendly measures across the borough would make a big difference to everyone’s quality of life.  We look forward to seeing some of them taken up – meanwhile, here’s our submission.

Dear Mr Boyle,

Thank you for the invitation to submit ideas for using the Wandsworth Local Fund (Community Infrastructure Levy). I am writing on behalf of Wandsworth Living Streets, the local group in the borough of Wandsworth of national charity Living Streets (www.livingstreets.org.uk). Living Streets stands up for pedestrians, working to create safe, attractive, enjoyable streets where it’s great to walk.

More information about us can be found at http://www.wandsworthlivingstreets.org or by following us on twitter @WandsLS

We suggest that the following be considered for this funding:

  • Implement traffic management measures e.g. ‘filtered permeability’, where residents of a street experience rat-running or speeding to be a problem
  • Provide junction tightening where vehicles take corners at speed and those on foot have unnecessarily long distances to cross. There are many examples across the borough, for instance: entrance to Sainbury’s car park on Garratt Lane in Wandsworth; Bolingbroke Grove/ Boutflower Rd SW11 junction; and Sarsfeld Road/ Balham Park Road junction
  • Replacement of ‘dog-leg’ crossings with ‘straight-across’ pedestrian crossings, with a presumption that all crossings be made single phase for pedestrians
  • Upgrade paving and surfacing materials as illustrated by the successful treatment of St Johns Road in Clapham Junction town centre where there is heavy pedestrian footfall
  • Carry out a ‘Health check for our town centres’: assess the borough’s town centres and local shopping streets against TfL’s ‘healthy streets’ criteria in order to direct improvements such as tree planting, installation of drinking water fountains, places to sit
  • Remove impediments to easy and pleasant movement along the Thames Path, a clear priority being to open a route underneath Putney Bridge. A zebra or other controlled pedestrian crossing on the southern side of Battersea Bridge is also needed.
  • Co-commission with TfL a feasibility study to convert the Trinity Road section of dual carriageway to a single carriageway, in order to permit redundant road space to be returned to recreational and ‘active travel’ uses. This could draw on previously funded work carried out under the TfL cycle route review programme that was not implemented
  • Address significant barriers to permeability, e.g. via ‘active travel’ bridges on major cross-Thames desire lines and on the Wandle Trail at Earlsfield
  • Implement ‘A Fresh Look at Our Streets’ programme to review, with local residents and community groups such as Wandsworth Living Streets, the uses and potential of residential and mixed-use streets for strengthening and supporting Wandsworth’s communities borough-wide, for example by:

a) Reviewing, street-by-street, the scope for upgrading the ‘place’ function of steets e.g. by creating pop-up parks, and

b) Using existing PLAY STREET legislation to convert residential streets (or parts of such streets) to Play Streets. Local residents could be invited to put forward their streets as candidates

c) Initiating a borough-wide tactical gardening competition, to encourage residents to ‘pimp’ their streets

We would be pleased to provide more information on request.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Susie Morrow
Chair, Wandsworth Living Streets