Stop Press: Join vigil at Kings Cross, 6pm on Tuesday 20 December 2011

One of the spurs to setting up Wandsworth Living Streets Group was Transport for London’s proposal last year to remove eight pedestrian signalised crossings across our borough, as part of the Mayor of London’s ‘Smoothing Traffic Flow’ policy. We successfully opposed this proposal – but the policy of Smoothing (motor) Traffic Flow continues, for example locally with TfL’s project on the Trinity Road/Bellevue Road/Burntwood Lane crossroads.

Across London, campaigners are increasingly calling on the Mayor to reject his policy of putting motor traffic flow above safety.

We invite you to join in a vigil next Tuesday 20 December at King’s Cross station at 6pm. Please come along if you possibly can and encourage anyone else you know to join in. Full details will follow shortly.

Meanwhile explains some of the background to this event.

Hope to see some of you there – we will be under our Wandsworth Living Streets banner.