Putney Station — Improvements to the Pedestrian environment on their way

Wandsworth Council announced on 6 October 2011 that they are planning to improve the pedestrian environment at this busy station.  Wandsworth Living Streets (WLS) congratulates the Council on this long overdue initiative.

The Council’s proposals: They include:

  • De-cluttering the footway and upgrading the streetscape.
  • Widening the footway outside Putney Station. 
  • Altering the layout of traffic lanes, the taxi rank and bus stops to improve traffic flow, reduce congestion and make the bus stops more accessible for elderly and disabled people.
  • Removal of unnecessary guardrails and the bus controller’s cabin.
  • Improved conditions for pedestrians, including a raised carriageway junction on Norroy Road.
  • Additional cycle parking near Putney Station and on Disraeli Road.

The Consultation:  To WLS’s surprise, the consultation period announced in the Press Release ended just 4 days later on 10 October. If the Council takes democratic consultation seriously, then adequate periods of consultation ought to be provided. The Council needs constantly to remember that we are not just the residents of our borough, but also the local electorate in council elections, and council tax payers.  And proper advance notice and publicity about pending consultations are also essential so that as many people as possible have an opportunity to respond.

Wandsworth Living Streets has responded to the consultation.  Ian Ralph, a member of the WLS Committee, submitted a range of constructive suggestions in keeping with the Council’s plans. They built on the Council’s own proposals, but suggested modest ways in which fuller advantage of this opportunity could be taken in the interests of pedestrians and everyone else  wanting to shop in Putney High Street on foot, or coming by bicycle.

If anyone still wants to make suggestions to the Council, please send them to Jonathan Sanders at (020) 8871 6538 or email at jsanders2@wandsworth.gov.uk

You can look at the Council’s proposals at http://wandsworth.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=beb2d2c7f730d750fd4ef0a70&id=8f4497642c&e=dca69478fa