The Mayor’s Transport Plan – Responding to Wandsworth Council

Author: Susie Morrow

On 20 December 2010, Wandsworth Council published a new draft Local Implementation Plan (LIP). The LIP sets out in considerable detail the Council’s plans for delivering the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy for 2011 onwards. Consultation on the content of the draft LIP closed on 18 February 2011.

Wandsworth Living Streets (WLS) felt this was an important opportunity to persuade the Council to raise its game and aim for much more ambitious vision of making our borough a thoroughly walkable part of London with people-friendly streets and town centres at its heart.

Susie Morrow and Ian Ralph spent a huge amount of time drafting our WLS response. The document they have written is well worth spending time reading. In it, they set out our Wandsworth Living Streets vision. This revolves around five points:

  1. urging the Council to bring forward a plan, with targets, for a people-friendly public realm across our whole borough;
  2. transport in Wandsworth should be about people flow, not vehicle flow;
  3. our streets need to be civilised by reducing road danger at source;
  4. everyone would benefit from living in a borough that’s working towards being ‘Walkable Wandsworth’;
  5. and the Council should, in particular, use its natural assets of green spaces, the Thames frontage and the River Wandle to promote ‘active travel’ modes of walking and cycling.

Our WLS submission to the Council comments on each of the LIP’s 10 Objectives, as well as specific sections of the Plan. In doing so, WLS makes a host of practical proposals in order to realize our vision of a people-friendly public realm.

Contact: Susie Morrow or Ian Ralph

Useful Links:

  • Transport in Wandsworth – Wandsworth Council’s Second Local Implementation Plan: draft, December 2010 (Note: when the Council’s final LIP is published later in 2011, we will provide the link here.)