Transport in Wandsworth: Second Local Implementation Plan

Robert Molteno, Secretary

Wandsworth Living Streets supporters, Susie Morrow and Ian Ralph, have been examining in great detail, and responding to the consultation on, Wandsworth Council’s Transport in Wandsworth: Second Local Implementation Plan (LIP). Congratulations and thanks to both of them for all the time, effort and expertise they put into this.

We hope very much that Wandsworth’s officers will recognise the professional and constructive contribution they have tried to make in their suggestions for improving  Wandsworth’s transport systems in the years ahead.

We hope, too, that in allocating scarce funds for the various transport-related schemes being contemplated, the needs of pedestrians will not only be much more highly prioritised in the years ahead, but that a much better understanding emerges of how beneficial to all of us it can be if people are encouraged to walk more and actively use their local streets.

In their submission on behalf of Wandsworth Living Streets, Susie Morrow and Ian Ralph not only set out a vision of how imaginative and vigorous measures could transform our streetscape, but they made all sorts of concrete and innovative suggestions.

The submission (read HERE) was sent to the Council on the last day of the consultation in mid February. Also, once the Council issues its final LIP, we will put a direct link to it on our website.