A consultation on a lower speed limit on all residential streets in our borough is now taking place across our whole Borough of Wandsworth.

For years, more and more residents in every part of the borough have been pressing the Council to lower the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph in the interests of safety. But the only way we have been able to get the speed limit lowered has been a laborious process of petitioning the Council street by street. The result is a patchwork quilt with some streets remaining 30mph and others now 20mph. Sometimes, the speed limit even changes from one section of street to another.

The Council has now recognised that feeling is so widespread on this issue that the time has come to ask residents for their views across the whole borough. This is taking place now.

We residents are being asked our views mainly on changing the speed limit on residential roads. But the Council is also asking for our views on whether we want 20mph on some or all of its Main Traffic roads. These are usually roads that are partly residential and partly local shopping streets.

The proposed reduction in speed limit from 30mph to 20mph will not apply to the small minority of major roads which are managed by Transport for London (about 7% of the total).